Up To 15% of HMRC Staff Get An Annual Bonus Of 2.5% Per Annum (based on their managers say so)

It pays to keep your manager sweet at HMRC!

A corrupt financial incentive system operates at HMRC as exposed by the Freedom of Information Act.

This explains why HMRC staff have got more aggressive in the last five to six years.

It also confirms for me that a lot of senior management who have overseen this system and implemented it need to go, otherwise why keep it so quiet?

HMRC award themselves bonuses just like the banks. It is a public disgrace.

HMRC staff have repeatedly denied that any financial incentive scheme was in place.

Following a Freedom of Information Act request to HMRC for details the truth is finally out!

HMRC hold your heads in shame!

Why try to hide something unless you KNOW it is fundamentally wrong.

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