Many HMRC Staff Very Unhappy and Disillusioned

Speaking to HMRC on a regular basis it is clear that many HMRC are unhappy with the organisation themselves. I hear it all the time from HMRC staff themselves. Many are disillusioned about the way HMRC is run now.

Many of these staff at HMRC are just trying to do their best in an organisation that is so poorly organised.

It’s not lack of staff that is the problem, it is the use of those resources and management level failures that is making the situation so poor.

Who is to blame?

The Treasury and Senior Management at HMRC are fair and squarly to blame for such a poor situation at HMRC.

But as Government (of whatever party) seems totally unable to get a grip of HMRC and turn it into a fit for purpose organisation the extremely bad state of HMRC is likely to just get worse with time, as it has steadily been doing so over the last five or so years.

And the PAYE Coding system is so badly flawed like a number if HMRC systems, but that’s another story… (likely to roll on and on and on…..)

Boy oh boy. What a mess…

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